FireEye expands threat analytics platform to include Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services customers can now use FireEye's threat analytics platform to keep sensitive corporate data stored in the cloud secure.

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FireEye's threat management and analytics platform is now compatible with Amazon Web Services, granting enterprise users an additional resource to keep their data secure.

Announced on Wednesday, the security firm said the Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) is now compatible with Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform used by the enterprise.

The FireEye Threat Analytics Platform combines real-time monitoring with threat intelligence and analytics, and is designed to quickly analyze events to detect true threats to a network. TAP includes event data analysis, community intelligence, response to security incidents and threat event tracking and management. The software also can be deployed and integrated with existing networks and legacy systems.

FireEye says businesses that utilize the security platform with AWS will gain insight into real-time cyberattack data, which will in turn "reduce false positives and add context to real threats." For firms with hybrid architectures, TAP will combine data from both on-premise and cloud environments, giving security teams better visibility and helping them better identify weak areas within a network.

In addition, the integration of TAP with AWS CloudTrail allows businesses to monitor AWS API calls from AWS Administrator Consoles, SDKs, command lines tools and other AWS services.

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Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group commented:

"Smart CISOs understand that cyber defenses must not only be sophisticated but also extensible to enable protection of sensitive IT assets deployed in the cloud. This announcement brings advanced malware detection and response capabilities for the corporate network and the cloud."

AWS customers can add FireEye TAP to their systems through FireEye's website.