FireEye launches security platform with 24/7 threat monitoring

FireEye has launched a managed defense subscription service to give enterprise users 24x7 continuous monitoring against cyberattacks.

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FireEye has announced the availability of the FireEye Managed Defense system, a subscription service built to keep corporate networks safe.

The FireEye Managed Defense service is designed to help customers know when they are compromised through broad-scale coverage of network traffic and endpoints on the platform, as well as minimizing the damage caused by targeted attacks through features including "one click" containment.

In addition, by offloading resource and time-heavy protection for corporate networks on to FireEye, the company says that cyberattacks will cause reduced business disruption, keep a reputation intact and optimize response time.

The FireEye Managed Defense is provided within three subscription levels so organizations can align the service level depending on their team's skills and risk factors. The features available on the platform include monitoring via FireEye analysts and security teams and protection via FireEye investigation of alerts, including advanced warnings of advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns.

"The tools attackers use to invade networks and steal digital assets are changing every day. The sophistication of advanced threats has outpaced what most organizations' security teams can handle on their own," said Yanek Korff, vice president of FireEye Managed Defense.

"Monitoring and response must be a 24x7 function. It must continually evolve to keep intruders at bay. FireEye Managed Defense integrates FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution(TM) (MVX) engine technology and proprietary intelligence on the latest advanced attacker tactics and proactively hunts for attackers that have bypassed preventive defenses while providing customers with tools and context for effective and rapid response."