FireEye, PFU Systems reveal new enterprise threat defense system

The companies say the next-generation cybersecurity system will help protect the enterprise against today's threats.


FireEye and PFU Systems have introduced a new enterprise-level security system to combat malware and prevent the spread of infection.

Revealed on Tuesday, the new enterprise cybersecurity system combines Fujitsu-owned PFU Systems' iNetSec Smart Finder technology with the FireEye NX Series security platform.

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The combination of iNetSec Smart Finder and the FireEye NX Series platform works on multiple levels. FireEye technology is used to detect malware lurking on systems, isolating the threat and automatically preventing further infection by stopping lateral movement. iNetSec Smart Finder then blocks lateral communication between infected machines.

The companies say the new solution will "improve enterprise defense against advanced attacks," and addresses the increasing sophistication of threat actors -- whether individual, hacktivists or state-sponsored -- and the rise of advanced persistent threats (APTs).

According to Cisco's annual security report, APT rates are likely to continue rising, and the enterprise needs to be prepared. Snowshoe spam, web exploits and malicious combinations of software -- such as Flash and Javascript -- are emerging as techniques to break into corporate systems, which requires diligence and solid defenses to avoid.

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Ed Barry, VP of technology alliances at FireEye commented:

"PFU's innovative network device management and internal network scan is the ideal fit with our advanced threat detection. Today, many customers rely on PFU Systems for its real-time integrated network security solutions. With this integration, enterprise customers have a stronger ability to shield themselves from advanced attacks."

FireEye predicts that mobile ransomware, point-of-sale (POS) attacks and targeting the weak link in supply chains will be the most popular methods of cyberattack across 2015.

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