Firefox 22 available, promises real-time comms and 3D gaming

The next release of Firefox is available to download — promising support for Web Real-Time Communications and dramatic improvements to its Javascript engine.

The latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is available, promising new technologies to enable video and audio conferencing and instant messaging in the browser.

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The new browser, version 22, is available from Mozilla's main FTP server, but has not yet been uploaded to Mozilla's website with a full list of changes. However, the beta included a slew of new features that are likely to make it to the final release.

The beta release included native support for Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), the framework of web technologies designed to offer real time video, audio and text communications.

Mozilla also gave browser gaming a shot in the arm in the beta release, with the inclusion of OdinMonkey, an optimisation module that boosts the performance of its Javascript engine and has been demonstrated enabling Firefox to run modern gaming engines such as Unreal Engine 3. To check out how  it can handle physics calculations have a look at this demo of falling boxes. OdinMonkey has been confirmed as being included in the final release.

Support for Windows Machines with high resolution displays was also available via HiDiPi, as well as the implementation of a new Web Notification API for simple web app notifications.

The built-in Firefox HTML5 audio and video player was also upgraded to allow playback speed to be modified, alongside various other performance and rendering improvements.