Firefox 3 reaches six percent market share

The Mozilla Project has smashed its target of five million downloads in 24 hours, achieving a final tally of 8,290,545 and reaching a market share that peaked at over six percent
Written by Matt Loney, Contributor

The Mozilla Project has smashed its target of five million Firefox 3 downloads in 24 hours, acheiving a final tally of 8,290,545 downloads of the new browser, and reaching a market share that peaked at over six percent.

Mozilla was aiming to set a Guinness world record for the total number of downloads of a piece of software in a 24-hour period. As part of its marketing effort, it encouraged users to pledge to download Firefox 3 on its release, and to hold download parties.

Online metrics company Net Applications said market share of Firefox 3 peaked at 6.2 percent of all browser usage at 5am EDT on 19 June — less than 48 hours after release.

Just under 300,000 of the downloads in the first 24 hours came from the UK, with the vast majority — 6.5 million — from the US.

Writing in the Mozilla Project blog, the team noted they will need to be patient "as our judges and Guinness World Records validate our record attempt. We'll keep our map up and tracking downloads on Spread Firefox".

The judges will be reviewing the 24-hour period from 11:16am PDT on 17 June.

Meanwhile Opera 9.5 — the latest version of the Nordic browser — achieved over 4.7 million downloads in its first five days, said Opera. Although the number is dwarfed by Firefox's success, Opera reports that use of its browser has doubled since verion 9.0 debuted in 2006, with 32 million users, including 12 million users of the mobile-phone version.


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