Firefox 4 inches closer to release despite delays

There are just seven unwritten patches standing between the new browser and hundreds of millions of users, Mozilla exec wrote in a Twitter update.

The release candidate of Firefox 4 could be just days away despite widespread reports of delays, according to the community manager for Firefox.

The release, which had originally been scheduled for October last year but was subsequently delayed until February 2011, could be just around the corner according to a post on Twitter from Asa Dotzler, head of community for Firefox marketing projects. "From what I can tell, there are only 7 unwritten patches standing between Firefox 4 and hundreds of millions of users," he wrote.

Last week, Christian Legnitto, the Firefox release manager at Mozilla, confirmed that the release schedule had slipped as beta 11 still had outstanding bugs. Developers have delayed building the twelfth beta until bugs that remained in the eleventh had been resolved.

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