Firefox 4 now available

Firefox 4 finally makes its debut.

The Mozilla team this morning officially released the public version of Firefox 4.

The update for Firefox 3.6 users will be available at roughly 10:20 a.m., developers said moments ago.

Version 4 desktop release features a redesigned user interface, new JavaScript engine, hardware acceleration, new synchronization capabilities and up to date support for important web technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL.

The final code is based essentially on the first release candidate that shipped March 9, sans a few fixes. Bugs that surfaced after RC1 shipped were addressed in a follow up release candidate 2 for Windows, OSX and Linux that slipped out late last week.

The team plans to ship out a quick fix patch code named "Anteater" within the next two weeks if necessary. Then, a "Macaw" update is expected two to three weeks from today that will incorporate other fixes discovered during the first month of use.

The beta test cycle began in June.

It's not clear when Firefox 4 Mobile will be shipping. Firefox 4 for the iPhone? Mozilla developers could not say because they claim they lack info or code needed from Apple.