Firefox 6 available ahead of official launch

Pssst ... wanna get your hands on Firefox 6 head of the official launch date?

Eager to get your hands on the next version of the Firefox browser?  Mozilla is scheduled to officially launch the browser on Tuesday, but you can get your hands on it now ... if you know where to look!

... and I just happen to know where to look!

Ignore the 'first run' screen that appears telling you that this is a beta ... this is normal and Mozilla won't change this page until the official release.

There are a lot of changes made under the hood. For example, startup is faster as users can choose whether or not to load all the tag groups or not.

Another interesting change is the way Firefox shows URLs in the address bar. Domain names are now highlighted to make it it easier to see where you are on the web.

There's also a new permissions tool that allows users to set site-specific permissions for things like saved passwords, cookies, popups and so on. Just type about:permissions into the address bar.

So, if you're interested, hit one of the links above and grab a copy. If anyone asks, say a friend sent you.