Firefox a little less buggy now

Version is out, and fixes a number of crashes, memory leaks, and security holes.

I use Firefox all the time because of its great extensibility and standards support, but I've been less than enthused with its stability of late. This past week, for example, it's been crashing several times *a day* when I'm visiting dozens of multi-media intense sites in a single session.

So I was glad to see the update notice for today. It was completely automatic, the way updates should be, telling me it had already installed the update and asking me only if I wanted to restart the browser right now or wait until later. I do worry a little what will happen the first time a bad auto-update gets installed on millions of PCs, but for now the convenience is nice.

BurningEdge has a list of fixes that went into this release, or you can see the official release notes. And yes, although they're less widely known and exploited than the ones in Internet Explorer, a number of security problems were fixed in as well.

I don't know yet whether this update will help with my particular usage patterns, but any improvements are certainly welcome.