Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 released bringing new features to the platform preview

Mozilla has released an updated version of its mobile Firefox OS simulator which brings new features such as the ability to push apps to Firefox OS devices as well as a wealth of other upgrades.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor on

Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, has released a new version of its Firefox OS simulator that brings new features to its preview release.


The company announced the new build in a post on its developer pages Mozilla Hacks on Thursday.

The simulator of the Firefox OS is aimed at developers that want to start building apps for the platform ahead of the release of devices running the software, although the Keon and Peak Firefox OS devices aimed at devs have already gone on sale from Geeksphone.

Among the new features is rotation simulation, basic geolocation API simulation, manifest validation, and a number of stability fixes for installation and updates to apps.

Also in the build is a new version of the Firefox rendering engine and an update version of Gaia, the UI for Firefox OS.

There are numerous other new elements (including a much faster start time and much smaller download and installation size) but another noteworthy addition is the ability to push apps to a phone, providing you have a phone handy that is compatible with Firefox OS.

In order to check out Firefox OS, you'll need to have Firefox installed on your system as the simulator runs as an add-on. To access it once installed you need to go to 'Web Developer' in the options menu and then select 'Firefox OS Simulator'.

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