Firefox's tablet UI looks promising

Mozilla outlined some UI choices for Firefox for tablets.

Mozilla's Ian Barlow on Tuesday outlined a version of Firefox for tablets and the biggest takeaway is that the browser isn't merely being ported over.

In a blog post, Barlow, a UI designer for Mozilla, outlined a few key design items for Firefox for tablets. Barlow described the Firefox tablet UI as "an evolution of its phone based predecessor."

Indeed, there are some nice features to ponder. For instance, Firefox for tablets blends in well with the Android 3.0 operating system. Barlow also outlined a tabbed menu for its "Awesomebar," which synchronizes bookmarks, history and desktop browsers.

Barlow added that Firefox is bringing back tabs, something hidden on the phone version, because tablets offer larger screens.

Couple the tablet version with the new Firefox beta for Android and it's clear that Mozilla is stepping up its mobile game.