Fireworks at Macromedia

Macromedia yesterday announced a Web graphics application called Fireworks, that, says the company, makes life easier for graphic designers creating JPEGs, animated GIFs and imagemaps.

Currently, designers may find themselves needing several applications to create one animated GIF. Macromedia says Fireworks simplifies the creation of GIF animations by providing a full set of tools in one package, with good facilities for editing your animations if tweaks are required.

Other features include the ability to create JavaScript 'roll-over" buttons without the need for coding knowledge - Fireworks generates the JavaScript code automatically. The program also allows designers to create imagemaps using a masking system to define hot-spots within a graphic.

For basic GIF and JPEG images, Fireworks includes a comprehensive 'export preview' window that allows designers to fine-tune images for the Web.

Fireworks blurs the line between vector and bitmap graphics, by allowing users to edit bitmapped lines and shapes using anchor-points. For example: a user can draw a bézier curve and apply a special effect that will remain constant no matter how the original is manipulated.

A pre-release Beta version of Fireworks is available for download here. As with all Beta software, ensure you use an uninstall application in case of problems.

Estimated street price is £239, due June 1998.

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