First commercial WAP browser for Palm

Get your Palm Wapped with 390 channels of content

US wireless company mobileID launched the first commercial WAP browser for the Palm platform last week.

The browser, which is available for free download from the company's site, is also compatible with devices based on the Palm OS, including Handspring Visor, IBM Workpad and TRG Pro.

The browser was developed in partnership with Swedish firm Au-System, which released a beta non-commercial version of a WAP browser in January. It is fully compliant with the WAP 1.1 specification.

Au-Systems does not plan to release its Palm WAP browser to end users but will distribute it to mobile terminal manufacturers, content providers and wireless organisations. mobileID is making its browser freely available to consumers in an attempt to drive them to its wireless portal, which provides email and personalised Internet content.

In association with the launch of the Palm WAP browser the company has unveiled an additional 390 channels of content.

Although its browser gives users access to any WML enabled site, they will be encouraged to sign up to mobileID's wireless services. "Just as search engines and directory services were the on-ramp to the Internet at the inception of the World Wide Web," enthuses David Hayden, CEO of mobileID, "Our platform is the on-ramp to the wireless Internet."

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