First few minutes with Mac OS Lion

Initial thoughts on Apple's Mac OS Lion
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

I'm one of the first million or so Mac users to download (and download and download and download) Mac OS Lion and install it on one of my machines. The following comments are my initial thoughts:

  • I am very thankful that my Internet connection is pretty fast. I'm not sure why Apple thought everyone would be able to deal with a 3.7 Gbyte download without problems. In my case it took about 20 minutes.
  • Although it was prudent to back up everything on my disk, the installation installed the new operating system and when I first logged in, all applications and data were exactly where they should be.
  • NVU, one of the tools I use to create these posts, no longer works.  I'm going to hunt down a replacement later on today.
  • The new version of the operating system appears fast.
  • Apple changed certain aspects of the user experience to more closely reflect using an iPhone or iPad. Why? I found that I constantly had to catch myself and do something different because the multi-touch trackpad commands and functions have changed. All of the functions are still there. They must be accessed using a different set of multi-finger touches and slides.  I don't understand the reasoning behind changing the "page back" function which made it easy to navigate websites to "swipe between apps".  Now I have to press the option key while making that two finger gesture. So far, this is the second most annoying, unnecessary change. Apple architects, I have a one figure gesture to show you on this one.
  • The most annoying change is that my Mac will no longer mount my, admittedly ancient, dLink G600 file server because Apple is no longer shipping Samba, open source Windows compatible file sharing software, with Mac OS.  I'm not looking forward to fighting with Mac OS Lion to get it to work with my backup and archival storage procedures.

All in all, however, this appears to be solid release

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