First Pentium CPUs shipped 14 years ago yesterday

Happy birthday to the Intel Pentium CPU.

Note: For some reason, this post didn't go up yesterday ... so it's happy belated birthday! 

Happy birthday to the Intel Pentium CPU. 

The first Pentium CPUs were shipped on March 22 1993  These were 60 and 66 MHz CPUs that had a bus speed of 60 and 66 MHz respectively.  These first CPUs were manufacturing using a 0.8 µm process.

By January 1999 the CPU speeds were up to 300 MHz and the process had shrunk to 0.25 µm.

I remember making the leap from 486 to a 66 MHz "coffee pot warmer," so called because the 5V CPU generated a LOT of heat.  I don't remember the performance improvement being all that impressive but it made a huge difference nonetheless.  A year later I'd moved on to a 90 MHz Pentium which ran on 3.3V and was therefore a lot cooler (I've still got both systems packed away somewhere ... last time I ran the P90 it had NT4 on it).

Anyone else remember making the leap from the 486 to a Pentium?