First civil partnership recorded on blockchain in Brazil

The certificate was registered using technology provided by a local startup and IBM.

Brazil's first civil partnership recorded on blockchain took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The process was carried out through the Notary Ledgers network of local startup Growth Tech, which provides digital notary services using IBM's cloud-based blockchain platform.

A digital identity was created on the network for Diego Vale and Guilherme Mesquita as part of the process, followed by a brief questionnaire for the generation of the record. The certificate was validated by two officers and digitally signed by the couple.

A physical certificate was also issued by the registry office, in about 20 minutes, through the platform. The event took place on November 11, 2019.

According to Growth Tech's founder Hugo Pierre, the event has demonstrated that blockchain-based notary services are viable, highly secure and reliable. "We urgently need to join efforts for this modus operandi to be adopted throughout Brazil," the founder noted.

This follows the first birth certificate to be recorded by exclusively using blockchain technology in Brazil, last July. The baby's registration was also carried out via a partnership between Growth Tech and IBM.

In October, financial services firm ING developed a notary service for the open-source blockchain platform Corda in what it has described as a "blockchain breakthrough."

"Like a notary whose job is to witness the signing of documents to validate them, the 'zero-knowledge proof notary' evaluates whether a blockchain transaction is valid or not, but without seeing its contents," the firm explained in a statement.