Fitbit adds Android direct syncing support for Galaxy S III and Note II users

The Fitbit One is my ultimate life tracking device and with the new support for select Android devices, iOS already supported, it further secures the top spot for life trackers in my book.

Fitbit adds Android direct syncing support for Galaxy S III and Note II users
(Credit: Fitbit)

I just wrote up a post on how Nike dropped Android development to focus only on iOS and then received an email from Fitbit that they now have an Android client for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II that supports direct syncing via Bluetooth to the Fitbit One, Zip, and upcoming Flex. I connected my Note II to my Fitbit One and am pleased with the performance and direct connectivity.

There has been an Android app for a while, but it simply connected to the Fitbit server on the Internet to collect the latest data that you synced via your computer or iOS device. Direct syncing to Android devices, and iOS too, is important to me since my Fitbit One lives in my small pants pocket or clipped on my body and I still want to check on my current status while also entering water and food consumption data. I rarely look directly at the display or interact with it so having this direct sync capability on my Note II is important to me.

Wireless syncing for Android and iOS becomes even more important as the Fitbit Flex gets ready to roll out since that device has no viewable display. There are status indicator lights, but a smartphone is needed to check on the data that is being collected by the Flex. Having Android support actually helps me decide to stick with the more powerful Fitbit One since things such as stairs climbed is an important metric for me.

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