Fitbit launches Android apps for activity monitor and food planning

The Fitbit is an excellent life tracking device and we finally now have an Android app to use with the monitor.

I don't work out as much as I want, but I do use life-tracking devices to try to help motivate me to get up and move. All the devices I tried so far launched with iOS apps and I was very pleased to learn that today we now have an Android app for one device. The Fitbit for Android app is now available for free from Google Play.

As I detailed in my life-tracking comparison feature and in other posts, the Fitbit is an excellent device for tracking all aspects of your daily life, including the steps you take, how many floors you climb, how well you sleep, and how well you eat. It is available for $99.95 and I don't go anywhere without it in a pocket or attached to me.

Fitbit also launched an Android Food Plan app that helps you log your daily food intake so that you can set and achieve your eating goals too.