Fitbit may soon announce the Surge GPS watch and activity tracker with basic smartwatch functionality

Fitbit is well known for its daily life tracker devices and may soon get into the fitness market with the Surge. There are rumors it may also release a Force replacement tracker.

There are two distinct periods of time that people are capturing their daily life activities; one that captures the 23 hours you are working, sleeping, and walking around and the other that captures the time you are involved in a specific fitness activity such as running or swimming.

Garmin released a device, the Forerunner 15 , that captures both types of data and it is a decent device. Fitbit is known for its activity trackers, but does not compete in the GPS sport watch market. As reported on The Verge, Fitbit may soon launch a device that will serve as a complete activity monitor as well as a basic smartwatch.

The Fitbit Surge will be priced at $250 and come in a watch form factor with a full display. The Surge will track your daily life and include a GPS receiver so that your runs can also be tracked in detail. In addition, it reportedly will include an integrated wrist-based heart rate monitor so no uncomfortable chest strap is required to capture this metric.

Given the large Fitbit community and success it has had in the activity tracking market, I will order a Surge as soon as it is available and plan to use it to track my daily life and my running. I currently wear a Jawbone UP24 , a TomTom GPS watch, or carry my phone, and a heart rate monitor when I run and am running out of wrist space. I look forward to having just one device on my wrist to do it all 24 hours a day.

The Surge will reportedly also provide basic smartphone notification support for calls, texts, and music control. My primary usage of a smartwatch is for messaging triage and the Surge may provide just the essentials while serving my fitness and life tracking needs.

The Verge also reports that Fitbit will launch the Charge and Charge HR as updated activity trackers to replace the Force that was pulled from the market for causing skin irritations.