Fitbit rolls out update that adds bike tracking to Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge combines daily activity tracking and GPS for running and other exercises. The latest update supports bike tracking with the GPS receiver.

(Image: Fitbit)

I previously reviewed the Fitbit Surge and was satisfied with most functions. Today, Fitbit released a major update that adds support for tracking cycling in the exercise module.

(Image: Fitbit)

The bike tracking function uses GPS in the Fitbit Surge to show you distance, duration, heart rate, average speed, and calories burned. It is obviously not going to show you all the details you might find with something like the TomTom Multi-Sport with cadence and speed sensors. However, at least you are able to use GPS to track your route while monitoring your heart rate.

Key features of the Fitbit Surge provided with this update include:

  • Battery life: Up to 7 days of battery life (168 hours for heart rate & daily tracking, 5 hours with GPS)
  • Swipe-through interface to see all your data as you ride
  • Bike detail page on the Fitbit Dashboard, including summary stats, map with route taken, speed line graph, heart rate graph, and more.

Fitbit also announced multi-tracker support so you can pair more than one tracker to a single Fitbit account. If you have a daily tracking Fitbit, but find the Surge too large for wearing all day then you can now use the Surge just for your exercises and use another Fitbit for daily activity tracking.

Fitbit Surge bike-tracking will be available to all Fitbit Surge users by next month in North America, on iOS and Android, with global availability coming soon.