Five features the iPod nano needs over a camera

I could care less about having a camera on the iPod nano. There are at least five features that need to come before a camera in the seventh-generation nano.

The photo above was published by purporting to be a sample enclosure for an updated iPod nano. If genuine, the biggest news about the photo is that it includes a hole in the corner, presumably for a image sensor/camera module.

Apple had to drop several features from the sixth-generation nano -- presumably to make it fit into its tiny enclosure -- including:

  • video recording
  • video playback
  • widescreen display

All wasn't lost though, the new nano included several new features:

  • smaller-form factor
  • multitouch display
  • customizable, iOS-like user interface
  • belt clip

My first reaction when I saw the photo above was to wonder what Apple would do about the belt clip, which occupies about 90 percent of the rear of the current nano. But if you look closely at sample "94" above, it appears that Apple is experimenting with a shorter clip -- probably attached with the four philips screws pictured running down the right side.

As for me, I could care less about a camera on the iPod nano, as I mostly use mine as a watch or I keep it in the center console of my car for in-vehicle playback. Besides, how would you take pictures on the thing? Seriously, we're getting into iPod picano territory here.

What's next? Will Apple make an iPhone like Derek Zoolander's?

There are at least five features that the seventh-gen iPod nano needs over a camera, including:

  1. Bluetooth - battery be damned, I need wireless earbuds!
  2. Accelerometer - so it turns on instantly when I lift up my arm to look at the clock
  3. SDK/apps - lets see what developers come up with
  4. Customizable clock faces - Breitling anyone?
  5. An Apple wristband - now that dozens are available from third parties, I'd like to see Apple's take on a "smart wristband"

What's your take?

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