Five memes that describe the student experience

College memes are gaining popularity - here are five that encompass current student lifestyles.

Memes have risen in popularity of late; and a number of college-focused 'meme groups' have consequentially sprung up on Facebook and blogging platforms including Tumblr.

As a means of impersonal and satirical communication, you need only search the for the subject you want to view a meme for in Google to have pages spring up. Memes can be text-based; but generally follow a visual format of an image -- or series of 4, known as 'rage comics' -- and several words of text to tell a story.

However, which memes are currently popular among college students, and comment on their current lifestyles or prospects?

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1.) Forever a loan

Image source: Leicester University memes

Whether it's a short-term dip in to your student account's overdraft, or the realization you now owe thousands of pounds to the government, loans are part and parcel of studying at university.

It'll be a while before you're back in the clear.

This image has been inspired by the 'Forever alone' Internet meme.

2.) Everyone has budget cuts.

Image source: University of Alberta memes

Academic institutions across the globe are facing budgetary restrictions, and students within the U.S. and UK are feeling the pinch by an increase in tuition fee levels. Yet, the increase in what students have to pay does not remove the need to tighten up many academic institutional budgets.

Even Hogwarts is having to cut back.

3.) Occupy? Anthropology students, rejoice!

Image source: Tumblr

If the global Occupy movement has achieved one thing, according to 'Anthropology major fox', many Anthropology majors now do not have to look far to find a topic worthy of their final year projects.

One university is even offering a course in the Occupy movement.

4.) Save money, and pirate a copy?

Image source: University of Sydney memes

Students often look for ways to cut corners and lower the expenses required of studying at university. One of these methods, perhaps gaining popularity as torrent software is used by a wider audience, is to download copies of academic publications rather than rent or buy them.

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5.) Troll face is pleased about tuition fee rises.

Image source: University of Concordia memes

Troll face is probably one of the most recognizable Internet memes. If you know you're not going to be hit with yet another tuition-fee increase, you can indulge in some trolling and make sure everyone knows it.