Five reasons T-Mobile is the best carrier for the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus buyers who use their new phone on T-Mobile will find that the carrier offers a few things that other iPhone owners will not yet experience.

Five reasons T-Mobile is the best carrier for the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Image: Apple

T-Mobile earned an F for the iPhone 6 launch and reported it will not have any iPhone 6 Plus models availabe in stores today. However, I still think there are several reasons to consider it the flagship carrier for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

T-Mobile's Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer, posted his five reasons to choose T-Mobile, but I have a few different reasons. Here are my five reasons to consider T-Mobile:

    1. Wi-Fi Calling: T-Mobile is now offering every subscriber a free Personal CellSpot to extend coverage throughout your home or office. Wi-Fi Calling is one reason I buy T-Mobile carrier-branded devices and the iPhone 6 is the first model to launch with this support. My friend, Andy Abramson, confirms that you can also make calls using T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling on an iPhone 5S and 5C with the iOS 8 firmware update.
    2. VoLTE: Voice over LTE is available now on select devices with T-Mobile, including the iPhone 6. Faster and clearer calls are provided with VoLTE, as well as providing the ability to use LTE data while on a call.
    3. Free in-flight texting: Text messaging is the primary means by which my family of five stays connected. I always had to cut off communications or resort to something like Facebook Messenger when on my monthly business trips. With T-Mobile and the iPhone 6 Plus I will be able to stay in touch with texting while in the air. I plan to test this out on Monday when I fly to New York City.
    4. Free music streaming: As a person who enjoys various genres of music, I prefer to stream my content rather than limit myself to purchased albums. T-Mobile gives me unlimited access to streaming music with no impact on my data limits.
    5. No-interest phone plan with lowest service fees: I am a firm believer in understanding and paying the real price of a phone, as ZDNet's Ed Bott also recently explained in detail . T-Mobile offers low upfront pricing with no-interest payments over 24 months. In addition it has the lowest monthly service fees. Other carriers fake people out with seemingly low iPhone pricing that is simply integrated into their monthly plan fees that never end , making the iPhone in reality much more expensive for those that do not get new phones every two years.

I understand that carrier coverage is the primary reason everyone should choose their particular carrier, but if you are in an area with good T-Mobile coverage then there are some pretty compelling reasons to choose them over others. You can always give T-Mobile a free trial with an iPhone as well.