Five reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best smartphone for road warriors

The Galaxy Note 3 is available for US buyers this week and after spending time with it on the road I am convinced it is nearly the perfect device for travel and field work.

Five reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best smartphone for road warriors
Image: Samsung

A couple days ago I posted my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then went on a business trip to really test out the capability of the device. On Wednesday, I ordered a T-Mobile version of the Note 3 and believe this is the ultimate Android smartphone for the road warrior.

There are a number of excellent smartphones available today and each of us has our own personal preferences. Here are five reasons I think the Note 3 is perfect for those who hit the road on a regular basis. Feel free to leave a comment if you can think of more.

  1. Removable battery: Many modern smartphones have integrated non-removable batteries, often driven by sleek design considerations. Thankfully, Samsung continues to release Android smartphones with removable batteries. The large 3,200 mAh battery lasts a long time, but when you are out in the field it is still valuable to be able to slap in a fresh battery.

  2. microSD card slot: Just like batteries, most devices have integrated flash storage. Samsung launched the Note 3 with both 32GB and 64GB integrated memory along with a microSD card slot for even more capacity. As users capture video and images it is helpful to be able to transfer these via microSD on the go.

  3. Large display: When you are out on the road and trying to read documents, work with email, browse the web, and more with your smartphone in hand then the large 5.7 inch display can be very useful. Samsung makes the large display even better with its brilliant Super AMOLED technology and multi-window capability.

  4. Infrared port: Various studies show that hotel remote controls may be loaded with germs. A couple newer Android smartphones come with IR ports and the more I travel the more I appreciate having one on my phone. Samsung includes an IR port in the top of the Note 3 with the WatchOn software that makes it easy to connect to most TVs and entertainment systems.

  5. S Pen: While traveling I often meet people and then have a need to jot something down. I rarely carry a paper pad, so it is great to see Samsung's improvements in S Pen functionality. The Action Memo is perfect for jotting down numbers, email addresses, and more. As I explained in my review, there is much more you can do with the S Pen as well.

I used my Note II for many months and with all the power and capability in the Note 3 I think it will be with me for many more months as well. It is a large phone, but it is also very capable and I think it is one of the best phones for the road warrior.

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