Five things to do while waiting for your iPad 3 to arrive

Five things you can do to pass the time while waiting for the FedEx man to deliver your shiny, new iPad 3.

Signs for the FedEx man. Yes, he knows that I'm OCD. Jason O'Grady
The waiting is the hardest part." - Tom Petty

Waiting for the FedEx man? You're not alone. Here are a couple of things that you can do to prepare for your new iPad 3 -- until the Fedex man arrives.

1. Back up your existing iPad. Don't wait until your new iPad arrives, back up your current jive right now. I highly recommend skipping the iCloud backup today, and not risking sever latency (or a meltdown) when you go to restore. Go with a local iTunes backup today, it's guaranteed to be a faster restore. iTunes automatically backs up your iPad when you connect it to iTunes via USB, but if you're OCD, right click on your iPad in iTunes and select "Back up..."

Back up your iPad via iTunes - Jason O'Grady

2. Pre-sign for the delivery. If live and/or work in a safe neighborhood fill out the authorization form on Apple's order status page. That way FedEx will leave your iPad 3 on your porch (or wherever you specify) if you happen to be away at the magic moment. (Personally, my delivery guys have a habit of not knocking/ringing the door bell even when I'm home. I think that they start filling out those dreaded door tags before they even get to the door!)

Pre-sign for your iPad on Apple's order status page - Jason O'Grady

3. Check out all the new retina-optimized apps. Apple posted a dedicated section on the App Store for apps that are optimized for the new iPad's retina display. It's called Great New apps for the iPad and is located under App Store > iPad (on iTunes) and under App Store > Featured (on iOS). I've been testing Barefoot World Atlas ($7.99, App Store) on my iPad 2 and it's pretty great. I can't wait to see it on the iPad 3. (If you purchase any new apps from your iPad be sure to repeat step 1 above and perform another iTunes backup when you're finished so that you don't have to re-download them again.)

Great new apps for the iPad 3's retina display - Jason O'Grady

4. Update all your apps now. App updates are being approved and released fast and furiously today, so touch App Store > Updates and patch everything up ahead of getting your new iPad. The Apple update server is sure to bog down as 300,000 plus people begin receiving their FedEx deliveries throughout the day. (If you download a lot of updates be sure to repeat step 1 above and perform another iTunes backup when you're finished.)

iPad app updates are coming out rapidly. Update now - Jason O'Grady

5. Stop beating yourself up that you didn't decide to pick-up your iPad 3 in person at the Apple Store (sure, they open at 8 a.m., but lines are horrendous) or that your didn't go to Walmart at midnight (you've seen this website, right?). Besides, getting a good night's sleep will allow you be to much fresher today, and you'll be able to kick back with your new iPad (and your favorite beverage) well into the night.