Five years ago: Novell forms joint company with Netscape

Novell and Netscape have formed a joint startup company called Novonyx
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

First published 21 March, 1997

Novell and Netscape have formed a joint startup company called Novonyx to integrate and sell Netscape's SuiteSpot family of server software on Novell's IntranetWare networking platform.

The agreement follows hot on the heels of Novell's deal with Oracle to support the Network Computer and license Java-compatible technology, such as WebBrowser.

Novell is already the UK's largest seller of Netscape software as it integrates a number of Netscape products with IntranetWare. Novonyx extends Novell's repositioning as a major Internet/intranet supplier.

The new company will launch products around September this year. Netscape FastTrack Server and Netscape Enterprise Server are to be demonstrated next week on IntranetWare and Novell's Directory Services at Novell's BrainShare conference in Utah, USA and both will be available through Novonyx in September.

The products will also be available through Netscape and Novell, a decision which Andrew Sadler-Smith, Novell's UK sales director said will broaden the access to intranet and Internet solutions for both companys' customers. "It's good news for customers because it gives them a choice of where to buy products," said Sadler-Smith.

The main function of the new company is to guarantee Netscape products can run on Novell operating platforms, now and in the future. Sadler-Smith added that the startup and Oracle deal, "establishes Novell as a major intranet player."

"Novell is the number one provider of networking software in corporations today and ships more copies of server operating system software than Windows NT or UNIX - that's a huge untapped market for Netscape," said Jim Barksdale, president and CEO of Netscape.

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