Five years ago: Time heads 32MB RAM standard

UK direct PC seller Time Computer today led the march to a 32MB RAM de facto memory standard, saying most of its machines will be so equipped from next month

First published 20 January, 1997

Time said its tests found a 166MHz Pentium-based system with 32MB RAM yielded a better performance than a 200MHz Pentium-based PC with 16MB RAM.

Time's pricing also looks to remain keen, with the Omega P166+ PowerStation DT-2PC, a 166MHz Pentium-based system with 32MB RAM, 2.1GB hard drive, 33,600bps modem, eight-speed CD-ROM drive and 15-inch monitor, costing £980 + VAT.

Separately, Dell Direct said it will follow suit in the next few months: "I can see (32MB RAM) becoming a de facto standard in the next couple of months," said Ben Reeves, Dell's Dimension product marketing manager. He said Dell is reviewing its current specifications: "The upgrade from 16MB to 32MB RAM is about £120 at the moment and we want to work on getting that down. The OptiPlex (business PC) has 32MB RAM standard so we're certainly there. But I imagine Time has some very keen price points."