Five years ago: Time heads 32MB RAM standard

UK direct PC seller Time Computer today led the march to a 32MB RAM de facto memory standard, saying most of its machines will be so equipped from next month
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

First published 20 January, 1997

Time said its tests found a 166MHz Pentium-based system with 32MB RAM yielded a better performance than a 200MHz Pentium-based PC with 16MB RAM.

Time's pricing also looks to remain keen, with the Omega P166+ PowerStation DT-2PC, a 166MHz Pentium-based system with 32MB RAM, 2.1GB hard drive, 33,600bps modem, eight-speed CD-ROM drive and 15-inch monitor, costing £980 + VAT.

Separately, Dell Direct said it will follow suit in the next few months: "I can see (32MB RAM) becoming a de facto standard in the next couple of months," said Ben Reeves, Dell's Dimension product marketing manager. He said Dell is reviewing its current specifications: "The upgrade from 16MB to 32MB RAM is about £120 at the moment and we want to work on getting that down. The OptiPlex (business PC) has 32MB RAM standard so we're certainly there. But I imagine Time has some very keen price points."

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