Fla. Natl. Guard laptop with solider data stolen

A minor incident, but cause for a top-to-bottom security review.

A laptop stolen from a Florida National Guard soldier contained training and administrative records, including Social Security numbers, of up to 100 Guard soldiers, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The Guard is conducting a security review.

"We're doing everything we can do to protect the unit," Joe Myatt [of the Fla. Dept. of Military Affairs] said. "The soldiers were aware if they were affected. Not a lot of personal information was on this laptop. An identity thief would need a lot more information."
The theft triggered a security review, which includes reminding soldiers with government laptops, cameras or PDAs not to leave them in their vehicles. Each soldier is responsible for the equipment and the data on it.
"Even though this is a minor incident, this is a good opportunity for a security review," Myatt said. "That's happening top to bottom, and we're moving forward."