Flash Player for Linux Now Available for Download

The Linux version of the Flash Player is available for download on Adobe's site.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor
The Linux version of the Flash Player is now available for download on the Adobe site. This isn't the beta version that has been on labs but the final release of a very long awaited Linux player. This is a big milestone for Adobe and Flash developers because it means that Flex 2 applications can run on all three major platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux. Linux users, I'd love to hear what you think about this compared to the beta version.

Update: I just noticed that Tinic had this covered last week. He also notes:

Alright, so far so good... That does not mean that this is a release which I consider feature complete. We do however consider this version to be vastly better than any previous Flash Player for Linux. Since customers were starting to ask for a final version we decided to feature freeze what we have. So two months ago we moved the Flash Player 9 for Linux code into a separate code branch for stabilization. QE (Quality Engineering) has been hammering on this branch for all this time. Every bug fix had to be approved by management. The build you can download now ( represents that branch.

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