Flash Player/Apollo DRM and building Apollo applications with Dreamweaver

After doing some talking with people, I got more information about the Adobe DRM and what products will support it. I also heard a bit about Dreamweaver and Apollo integration.

At the Web 2.0 Expo this week I've talked to a lot of people about products and came away with some interesting news that I'm not sure people got. First, the DRM in Adobe Media Player. Part of the big news was that the media player was going to offer DRM, here's the blurb from the FAQ:

Adobe currently offers protected streaming to Flash Player from Flash Media Server (FMS), and is planning enhancements to further protect the streams in FMS. Adobe Media Player will support protected streams from FMS as well as content protection for download-able content. Content integrity protection enables free, ad-supported content models, while user-based protection supports assigned and/or purchased content models.

All of that is fine and good, and I was under the impression that DRM was a Media Player only feature. That's not the case. Adobe Media Player uses the stock build of Apollo; there is nothing in Media Player that won't be in Apollo, so ANYONE using Apollo can leverage the DRM. Furthermore, this comes from the Flash Player side of Apollo. The player version in Apollo will be higher than the version out right now, so it can take advantage of the new features - like DRM. Don't expect DRM to come to the standalone player soon, but it does exist.

Adobe Media Player

Finally, during Ted Patrick's Rich with Reach session, he talked about Apollo and all of the ways to create .AIR files. Obviously Flex Builder can create them, but he also had a Dreamweaver icon pointing to the Apollo logo. I don't think it was ever NOT obvious that Dreamweaver would be the tool for building HTML-based Apollo applications, but this seems to confirm it.