Flash video playback coming to the iPhone through the Skyfire browser

Playing back Flash video is one area of weakness on the iPhone, but Skyfire hopes to solve this when their Skyfire 2.0 web browser gets approved by Apple.

Back in March we heard that Opera was working to bring their Opera Mini web browser to the iPhone and I said it was never going to happen. I was quite surprised then when Apple approved this 3rd party browser and will try not to make such an assumption again. One of my favorite browsers on my Android devices is Skyfire and last night they sent around news and a link to the YouTube video embedded below informing us that the Skyfire browser will be submitted to Apple's App Store and will be capable of playing Flash video while still complying with Apple's guidelines.

As stated in the press release, Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone will support Flash video playback and also include the great social networking features we see in the Android version today. I do not believe that other Flash content is supported by this version of Skyfire.

Are any of you excited about seeing Skyfire on the iPhone?