FlashSoft nets $3 million for enterprise flash storage

FlashSoft has secured $3 million to help it commercialize software to optimize flash storage in the enterprise.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on

FlashSoft announced on Wednesday that it completed a Series A funding round securing $3 million to help it commercialize enterprise flash storage.

The company's plan is to drive down the cost of server-tier flash storage. It's product, FlashSoft SE, reduces the input-output burden on storage and make it more cost-effective.

Flash storage, of course, is popular in the enterprise because it can reduce IO latency and increase scalability and performance for databases, applications and virtualization.

But integration with existing systems is an issue, as is the sheer expense of the flash memory itself.

FlashSoft says its software helps bridge the gap by offering performance akin to storing the entire data set on flash, with only a fraction of it actually stored there. It does so by identifying and caching the most frequently used data on any SSD in the server.

It's a sort of stopgap software solution before the price of flash memory comes down low enough to install new server hardware throughout the datacenter.

FlashSoft says it's working with VMware, Microsoft, SanDisk, Virident, LSI, OCZ and AMAX to better integrate its software with the hardware and software offered by those companies.

Investors include Thomvest Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Bullpen Capital and Accelerator Ventures.

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