Flex-Card delivers universal backup, transfer and streaming between devices

If you own Android or iPhones and have a different platform for your PC, the Flex-Card could be the answer to your data transfer, file management and backup dreams.

The nirvana of a universal flash drive that backs up your data, transfers files, and streams music across all devices will shortly be a reality.

Franklin, Tennessee based design company, The Power Company has released its Indiegogo campaign for the Flex-Card and smashed its initial $3,000 target, raising over $26,000 with three weeks to go.

Flex Card delivers universal backup, transfer and streaming between any device ZDNet
The Power Company

The Flex-Card is the fourth product created by The Power Company. The Flex-Card follows its successful launch of the Smart Card, in 2014. A previous campaign for the iPocket Drive raised over $180,000 via Indiegogo.

The card can share files between different operating systems without connecting to a cloud based system. The device has two flexible cables and connectors depending on the device used.

Flex Card delivers universal backup, transfer and streaming between any device ZDNet
The Power Company

The main cables are 3.0 USB and micro connectors, whilst the attachments are a Lightning 8-pin connector for iPhone 5 and above.

There is also a 30-pin connector for older iPhone or iPads, and a USB-C.

The card enables you to copy or move files between Android, iOS devices, tablets, PCs, or Macs.

You can also charge Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile devices from your computer without the need for a charging cable.

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Gene Aikens, Flex-Card Designer said: "With all the problems people have experienced with the Cloud and browser based storage, the Flex-Card should make technology users feel more secure by not utilizing an Internet connection."

The card runs at the fastest 3.0 speed, allowing users to transfer files fast and efficiently.

You can stream music and movies directly from the card to your mobile device.

With its flexible adapters, it can fit any case that is connected to your device to enable you to backup all of your photos, videos, and music from a Mac or PC.

You can copy, cut and paste, delete, rename and create folders on the card as well as adding a password for extra security.

The company wanted to raise $3,000 on Indiegogo for tooling of moulds. Its stretch goal is to raise $50,000 to start its first manufacturing run.

There are other stretch goals to manufacture in different colors, clip-on attachments, and to develop a new app.

At 55mm by 60mm the card is smaller than your credit card and can live in your wallet for when you need it.

For a combined portable charger, multi platform, music streaming, file management and backup device this little card certainly delivers much more than you think.

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