Flipboard launches in China for iPhone, makes Chinese content available worldwide

Flipboard expands its service to the iPhone and iPod touch in China, creating a Chinese edition which is also accessible to users around the world.

Social sharing and reading application Flipboard launched in China today for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The app originally came to China last December for the iPad, when it partnered with two popular Chinese microblogging sites, Sina Weibo and Renren.

Today it was announced that it would be expanding to new formats, as well as adding some new details.

The Chinese addition of the app adds the Cover Stories feature. This enables users to easily access news and updates that are shared on the two microblogging sites, as well as magazine articles and content from services like Youku.

The Cover Stories feature also uses information from user interactions to tailor content to them, and provide a "quick shortcut to the days essential posts."

Perhaps most interestingly, they have also chosen to make the Chinese edition of Flipboard available to users around the world, allowing articles and posts from China to reach an international audience.

Adding this capability for the iPhone in China will definitely assist Flipboard's expansion, as it is currently the world's largest smartphone market.

Moreover it is also the fastest growing smartphone market, according to statistics from Flurry, who predict that China will account for 24 percent of ioS and Android devices worldwide by the end of this month.

Since the iPhone 4S launched in China at the beginning of the year it has been successful, but Apple has yet to dominate the Chinese smartphone market.

At present it only holds 7.5 percent of the market compared to Samsung, who hold 24.3 percent. However, the iPhone 4S is still only available on two of China's smaller carriers, which may be holding back its share.

Despite these concerns the iPhone is still a desirable brand in China, with over 15 million unofficially activated handsets on China's biggest carrier, China Mobile. The number of users that Flipboard has access to because of this expansion is still substantial.