Flipkart resets music download count, explains Flyte

Flipkart resets Flyte's download counter for all users, assures they are working on getting 320kbps versions and album art for their entire catalog.

Early this week, India's leading ecommerce website--Flipkart--launched their online music store called Flyte. I wrote about the launch and bought a track to try the service. My first experience was fun; I knew I'd be going back to Flipkart to buy songs. I did, however, find two issues with the after-sales. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was not aware of the song quality while I was buying it and nor was I aware of the download limit to 4. The song one I bought turned out to be 128kbps only. Earlier today, Flipkart sent out an email to their users that addressing these concerns:

In addition, some of you might have purchased and downloaded tracks at 128kbps, either because we didn't make the availability of the higher 320kbps explicit, or because we didn't have the higher bitrate at all. Taking note of these two issues, we have reset the download limits for all your purchases to 4.

By default, we set all tracks at 128kbps for download, but you can always specify your own global default here: https://www.flipkart.com/account/preferences. Alternatively you could select the appropriate bitrate before downloading from "My MP3 Library". In certain cases where we don't have a 320kbps version, we'll default to the next highest available bitrate. Be assured, we're in the process of integrating the 320kbps versions for all tracks (we expect it to be done by mid-March). We will of course send you an email once we have the higher quality version of the song(s) in your library.

The decision to reset the download count shows that after-sales matters to the company. In my case, I did not download 128kbps since it was the default but because that was the highest quality. Flipkart does say that they are working on getting 320kbps versions for most songs, it would be really helpful if the quality was mentioned before purchase. Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to set the default preference to 320kbps:

Flipkart further convinced users that they are working on updating metadata for the songs in their catalogue:

Since the launch we have come to realise that for some of the songs downloaded, meta information (ID3 tags) was missing. We have now added this information and songs downloaded will have the ID3 tags.

A friend of mine said he doesn't see people in India paying for music given the ease in obtaining songs from questionable sources, but I beg to differ. If a service can offer a wide catalog at a good price, people will pay.

Update: The song quality is mentioned on the album page.  Thanks to @nspeaks for pointing that out. Screenshot: