Fluccs – registered name Flying Haggis – eyes national expansion

Brisbane-based Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider Fluccs plays host to domestic and international clients, reports David Hazan.

While the name Fluccs may be new in the market, the company has a history of 16 years in the IT industry in Australia, says founder and CEO Angus Thomson.

Fluccs founder and CEO Angus Thomson

In this time, the company has operated under a variety of names, from Alba Internet Solutions in 1997, to Web Hosts Australia in 2001, to Dedicated Servers Australia, to Fluccs in 2011. The company’s evolution is “in sync with the evolution of the web hosting industry," it says.

Fluccs was listed as an accredited supplier in the first release of the Department of Finance’s Datacentre-as-a-service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL) and now provides websites, applications, and hosted services for around 14,000 end users.  The company generated over A$1 million in revenue last financial year.

It caters to a wide range of clients, from small business and local government to national and multinational corporations, and federal and international government departments.

According to Thomson, software providers are an important client segment. They use Fluccs’ infrastructure to deliver Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.                                                                                         

Fluccs operates its cloud services from the NextDC datacentre in Brisbane. Thomson emphasises that “no data ever leaves Australian shores, and this provides reassurance to clients with privacy and security in mind.”

To cater to organisations such as local and state governments, that require or prefer their data be stored in their own state, Fluccs is looking to expand its cloud locations to all the major cities around Australia over the next two years.

Ongoing research and testing of new software and technology forms an important part of Thomson’s vision for the company’s future. “We are continually assessing new technology and software in order to ensure our customers are receiving the best solutions for their businesses.”