Flurry report: Apple's iOS devices dominate holiday season activations

Apple continues to be a holiday favorite with iPads and iPhones being delivered and activated far more than any other brand. Microsoft's low-cost Lumia strategy seems to be working too.

(Image: Flurry Analytics)

Santa brought a new iPad Mini to our house and according to a Flurry report we definitely weren't the only household to activate a new Apple product.

Flurry examined data from more than 600,000 apps with results showing Apple's iOS dominated activations with 51 percent of the new device market. Samsung was in second place with 18 percent and Microsoft/Nokia grabbed the third position with 5.8 percent.

It is not surprising that Apple iOS devices captured the market this holiday season, but I was a bit surprised by Nokia's third place finish. Then again, Microsoft had serious discounts on low-end Lumia devices so they were bound to sell quite a few for gifts.

The report states that Xiaomi, Huawei, and HTC all had less than one percent. There was no data provided on BlackBerry share.

The report also covered application installations and form factors. Flurry's data showing phablet growth confirms what we are seeing out in the public with the iPhone 6 Plus being one of the top five devices activated. The iPhone 6 was in first position, but it doesn't appear that is considered a phablet for this study.

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