Focus on improving intel's IT spending

With a quarter of intelligence spending going to IT, the push is on strategic and efficient use of those dollars.
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A cornerstone of intelligence reform efforts will be a focus on IT spending, a House staffer told the DoD Intelligence Information Systems Worldwide Conference yesterday, Government Computer News reports. Robert A. Myhill, staff member for the House Permanent Select Committee, says that more than a quarter - roughly 26% if not more - of intelligence spending goes to information technology, and that the big push will be to bring IT expenditures and intelligence strategy "on the same page."

"We have an opportunity to become more efficient on IT spending," he said.

The intelligence authorization requires agencies to tie IT spending to enterprise architecture frameworks at both individual agencies and enterprisewide, across the intel commuity. "This is going to be key. We're pressing that," Myhill said. "Enterprise architecture is the bridge to implementation."

"The community is still struggling with what information sharing means in their community," Myhill said. "Why keep pushing the information-sharing mantra? Better intelligence."
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