For first time, iPhone leads in global mobile Internet usage

Apple's smartphone led the pack for the first time, surpassing longtime leader Nokia in its percentage of mobile Internet usage.

Ever since the iPhone came out in 2007 and shook up the mobile phone market, it's been the center of attention. But on a global scale, January 2013 marks the first time iPhone users took the top spot from Nokia in terms of mobile internet usage.

Following a sharp decline in its proportion of internet usage during 2012, Nokia came in at only 22.15 percent, compared to Apple, which - despite a small decline last year - accounted for 25.86 percent of mobile internet usage. Nokia actually fell to third place, behind Samsung, which saw significant growth during 2012 with 22.69 percent.

Keep in mind that StatCounter, the web analytics firm who published the data, did not account for iPad usage in its definition of 'mobile devices.'

It's been a while since Nokia made waves in the mobile phone market, but while Apple's iPhone continues to expand its reach globally, it's still considered by much of the world to be a luxury item. Nokia still has plenty of users around the globe. But with a drop of 15.52 percentage points in share of global mobile Internet usage, one has to wonder for how long Nokia can continue to be a significant player in the market.

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