For IT of 2020, big data explosion presents life, death security risks

Governments will start to come knocking in name of security

For IT of 2020, a big data explosion

ORLANDO — Big data management both inside and outside the enterprise of 2020 will present life and death risks to both humans and organizations and make cybersecurity a constant concern for IT.

That message about the enterprise of the future came during the welcome address during the annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, going on this week.

Peter Sondergaard, Gartner's senior vice president of research, said enterprises are entering the era of the digital industrial economy . He moved the clock ahead seven years to 2020 so he could "help [CIOs] write their digital story for this exciting future."

In terms of big data and security, he told CIOs, "You should anticipate events and headlines that continuously raise public awareness and create fear."

Sondergaard said security and embedded technology in place today within IT "may in fact be the most important operational responsibility [CIOs] have in 2020."

On top of that, he said digitalization of IT would create new infrastructures and new vulnerabilities in those infrastructures.

With a silent reference to the ongoing NSA surveillance case and the fallout around it, Sondergaard warned that the influx of massive amounts of captured and stored data would prompt governments to be more invasive as they pursue knowledge in the name of security.

With that will come responsibilities, and perhaps liabilities, for those that harbor the data.

"When they come knocking on the door, where are you going to draw the line?" he asked.

He said enterprises would have to invest in more data-driven predictive security.

Big data will be one of those tools the enterprise uses to fight cybersecurity, he said. "You will use big data to predict where future threats will arise. Reactive fire fighting won't put out the flames anymore."

He recommended that companies build a portfolio of security vendors because no single vendor will be able to address more than a fraction of the security problems enterprises will face.

"Everyone will need to establish more agile security processes focusing on people and social science as much as the technology."

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