For SF Green Cab, environmentally-friendly is business-friendly, too

The SF Green Cab taxi service is, by its nature, a business that pollutes. But the company has learned that eco-minded decisions make sound business sense, too.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

As a taxi service based in San Francisco, SF Green Cabis by its very nature a business that pollutes.

But general manager Athan Rebelos says keeping his fleet of hybrid vehicles as environmentally-friendly as possible isn't just a way to extend his company's brand and reputation -- it's also smart business, too:

It turns out that usually what's good or better for the environment is usually good for us, too. It's cost savings for us. Like trying to squeeze a few more miles out of the tires by rotating the tires, picking a good brand of tires, using a more expensive lubricant that lasts longer.

In an exclusive video on SmartPlanet, Rebelos discusses what he's done to manage his company's explosive growth in a down economy:


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