Ford's Glympse tracks your location when driving

How would you feel about letting friends or employers know where you are when driving?

Taking things a step further from checking-in on Facebook through GPS technology, how would you feel about letting people know where you are when driving?

In a move to boost the interactivity of its cars, automaker Ford announced plans Monday to integrate its location-sharing app Glympse into SYNC in-car connectivity systems. If you're on the road -- especially now mobile phone use when driving is widely banned -- you can let your friends and family know exactly where you are (because, of course, that's not the same kind of distraction as using a mobile).

To use the app, Ford customers can download the service on to their Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or iOS-powered devices, and then use either Bluetooth or a USB port to connect their phone to a Ford SYNC vehicle.

Once the connection is dealt with, drivers can press the 'sync' button on the steering wheel and say "Send Glympse" to share their location with a contact on a phone, or post it directly to Twitter and Facebook.

If you only want to share your location for a while, then you can use a timer function to turn off Glympse after an hour or so.

If you've let your teenager loose with a SYNC, AppLink-connected car (although I'm not sure that's wise) it could be used to track them down on the way home from a party, or for working professionals, a means to let others know you'll be late for a meeting. On the flip side, this kind of technology could also be used to force employees on the road to check-in when they are meant to be at particular locations.

At 2013's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Ford also announced that the SYNC AppLink technology, in partnership with Kaliki Audio Newsstand, can now also be used to curate the top stories in major newspapers and allow drivers to listen to an audio version whilst on the road. The service is free for SYNC users.

"Kaliki demonstrates how we can quickly work with new apps that are adding convenience to the lives of our customers and integrate them into the car through SYNC AppLink," said Doug VanDagens, global director of Ford Connected Services. "Ford's goal is to continuously add value to the vehicle through the addition of relevant content and services, such as the great media partners Kaliki brings, and to deliver an exceptional ownership experience."

AppLink is currently integrated on over one million vehicles, including the 2013 Fiesta, Mustang, Fusion and E-Series.


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