Forecast your facility's energy usage with GridNavigator

The cloud-based data analysis service is intended to help facility managers predict and avoid costly peak demand energy pricing scenarios.

Facilities managers who are trying to get a better grip on energy usage patterns throughout the day -- so that they can figure what a building might use in the future -- might want to consider a new forecasting service from GridNavigator.

GridNavigator is an integration and OEM partner for Echelon, the energy control networking company. It's new forecasting service works in the cloud to analyze historic data, usage patterns and weather predictions to help provide a more accurate sense of how much power an office building or manufacturing site might use during the day.

The service works in tandem with building management systems that support the BACnet communications protocol. It collects information being collected by those systems, serves that information up for some "big data" analysis in the cloud, and then exposes the relevant trends information.

The idea is to help operations teams avoid hefty peak demand charges by taking action before an event occurs. They can do that by controlling the operation of certain equipment, such as heavy-load machinery, during certain portions of the day. In any case, the GridNavigator service helps provide more data to guide such decisions.

"We use the cloud to run quantitative models on time series data, which generates intraday service energy forecasts for our customers that are more timely and accurate than competitive offerings," said GridNavigator CEO Al Cabrini, in a statement. "Using this insight, our customers can do intraday strategic demand limiting and load shedding across facilities and systems."

The energy forecasting service is part of the larger solution, which is GridNavigator's cloud-based energy management system.