Forget 4G and monthly costs, Verizon will sell millions of iPhones

People have been waiting for a Verizon iPhone for a long time, so even if the device doesn't support the latest wireless data technology and has high data fees they will buy the iPhone by the millions.

All indications point to an iPhone being announced tomorrow by Verizon Wireless and I can't wait so we can move on to the next multi-year smartphone rumor. There are several posts about this new Verizon iPhone here on ZDNet (links below) and I wanted to chime in and say it doesn't matter that this iPhone will have no LTE, may or may not be white, can't make calls while checking email or surfing, or have very high data costs because Verizon will still sell millions of them.

Check out these other ZDNet Verizon iPhone posts:

Verizon is the nation's largest network and most regular people don't travel overseas that often and thus don't care if a phone can be used outside the US. I know several family and friends on Verizon and the number one question I have gotten is, "When is the Verizon iPhone coming?" Dwight Silverman from the Houston Chronicle has a great post on things you should consider before buying a Verizon iPhone, but again I still think the masses will buy it because it is an iPhone on Verizon and they don't care if there are limitations or another updated one coming to AT&T or Verizon in a few months. People who have stuck with Verizon instead of jumping on AT&T while waiting for this iPhone will buy it no matter what.

The iPhone started out as a very slick feature phone and has moved to a very powerful smartphone that appeals to most people. The smartphone market has changed a lot since the first iPhone launch on AT&T and there are other worthy smartphones out there. Hard-core smartphone geeks still may not like some of the limitations and lock down by Apple, but this doesn't matter at all to the masses. While I agree with many of the opinions made by my fellow ZDNet bloggers, I may still find myself picking up a Verizon iPhone too. I want to wait and see what HP/Palm announce and I honestly do like my HD7 Windows Phone 7 device, but the iPhone 4 is a very good device and with Verizon's network behind it this iPhone will be even better. There are several things I am interested in hearing about when Verizon launches the iPhone, including:

  • How many iPhones will Verizon sell?
  • How many AT&T iPhone users switched to Verizon's iPhone?
  • How well can Verizon's network handle the iPhone?
  • How much will a customer have to pay monthly for a Verizon iPhone?

Are you planning to pick up a Verizon iPhone? What other questions do you have around this launch?


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