Former employees say TCS abused Australia visa

India's biggest outsourcing vendor has been accused of exploiting a visa scheme to import IT workers into Australia, where it services some of the country's biggest companies.

Former employees have accused Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) of abusing Australia's migrant worker visa designed to import talent to fill skills shortages. 

According to a report Friday by the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), TCS , which is India's biggest outsourcer by revenues, flouted rules outlined under the 457 visa scheme and imported cheap, foreign workers without first attempting to recruit local talent.

An anonymous former TCS employee told the ABC that if the Indian company needed a new developer, they would not perform the required step to advertise for an Australian worker. "We just contacted the local area manager and he would send a developer on the next plane from Mumbai," the employee said.

TCS, which holds multi-million dollar contracts with Australia's biggest companies, refused to comment on the allegations.

Another former employee of TCS, Hasan Mahboob, said the 457 visa scheme was overused.

"I'd certainly seen heavy use of 457 visa, starting from the very top management-level people, ro relationship managers, account managers, service delivery managers, project managers, program managers, and business analysts--all of which I question should be done by 457 visa," Mahboob said.