Former Microsoft exec to launch high-end pot business

According to reports, a former Microsoft manager intends to launch a premium marijuana business in Washington.

A world away from software, a former Microsoft manager says he intends to launch a premium marijuana business in Washington.

According to Kiro TV, James Shively will be making the most of a bill that recently legalized the possession and distribution of pot by building a premium pot service in the state of Washington.

The report says that plans for the business have already been hashed out, and Shively will spend the next year researching his retail marijuana enterprise, which he hopes will eventually bring legitimacy to the sale of cannabis.

The product won't be cheap, according to the former Microsoft executive, who says premium pot should be similar to a "fine congnac, a fine brandy, [or] a fine cigar," and is "something to be savoured by responsible adults."

According to reports, the business will be named after his great grandfather, who was the world's largest marijuana producer in the 19th century.

"He was supplying hemp rope made from the marijuana tree to the Spanish armada during the Spanish-American War," Shively told Kiro TV. "So I've got marijuana in my blood, so to speak."

Recently, the state of Washington approved legislation which means that from 6 December this year, it will be legal for American citizens 21-year-old or above to possess, produce and distribute marijuana. Under the bill, known as Initiative 502, stipulates that drivers cannot have over 5 nanograms of THC -- found in the plant -- in their system. Economically, billions could potentially be made for the state through legalizing the drug.

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