Former NASA, Apple engineers unveil $11,000 coffee maker

Start-up Blossom One's invention is designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee -- each and every time.

Ah... what great lengths we wouldn't go through for the perfect cup of joe.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on how a growing number of coffee-lovers are bypassing specialty coffee shops and opting instead to roast, grind and brew the beans themselves, a process that involves precise timing, temperature and often thousands of dollars worth of equipment. But for the overly-obsessed, New York City-based start up Blossom One has introduced what may just be the ultimate kitchen appliance.

Born out of a collaborative effort of former NASA, Apple and BMW engineers, the $11,000 Blossom One Limited features the kind of high-tech precision that's sure to appease the taste buds of even the most discriminate of coffee snobs. For instance, the machinery is comprised of glass and steel, materials that won't alter the composition or flavor of the coffee grounds as it undergoes a tightly-controlled automated brewing process.

To ensure an exact result each time, the device brews according to finely tuned specifications such as temperature, stir rate, pressure and coffee to water ratio. There are even instruments that carefully measures as well as monitors the temperature and steep time.

Users can program the Blossom One Limited with pre-sets for various flavors of coffee. This will especially come in handy since Blossom One has partnered with high-end growers to provide beans that come in QR-coded bags, which the machine's built-in 1.3 megapixel camera recognizes when scanned prior to coffee-making. And what state-of-the-art gadget would be complete these days without Wi-fi connectivity as a standard feature.

Owners will also be given a one-year parts and labor warranty that includes having a technician readily available to service any kinds of malfunction.

The company has stated that they've already received inquiries from restaurant owners and high-end establishments and are currently taking pre-orders for about 10 machines.

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