Fortinet refreshes SMB security lineup

The vendor is adding 10 new models to its unified threat management product series. Among the new features are integrated WiFi controllers and new presets for simplifying configuration.

Security technology vendor Fortinet is introducing a serious refresh for its FortiGate line of unified threat management products with 10 new or upgraded models.

The technology is targeted at small and midsize businesses (SMBs), retail environments and branch or home offices. The model numbers designate the throughput and ports that are available.

For example, the FortiGate-200D is meant for midsize companies; it includes up to 42 Gigabit Ethernet ports, firewall throughput of up to 4 gigabits per second (Gbps) nd IPSec VPN performance up to 1 Gbps. The FortiGate-140D-POE includes Power over Ethernet support, and is meant for smaller businesses. A variation on the product also includes a built-in T1 interface.

The FortiGate-30D is meant for small companies with limited technical resources. It provides up to five Gigabit Ethernet ports, and also comes in a wireless edition.

One of the more notable new features across the line is the addition of preset configurations as part of FortiOS 5 Feature Select. These presets allow for one-button setup. For example, the FW setting applies the high-speed firewall and VPN features, while the WF one adds Web filtering features. The new operating system also includes more analytics capabilities, for helping dig out information about historic or real-time network activities.

Here are all the products in the refreshed line: The new products include FortiGate-240D, FortiGate-200D, FortiGate-140D, Fortigate-140D-POE, FortiGate-140D-POE-T1, FortiGate-100D, FortiGate-90D, FortiGate-30D, FortiWiFi-90D and FortiWiFi-30D. The company didn't disclose pricing for the new models, because it varies. However, prices for one of the low-end models in the current lineup (the FortiGate-20C) start around $250 at some online computer retailers.