Fossil Q Founder Android Wear watch goes on sale this week for $275

The Intel Atom-powered wearable looks like a traditional watch but doesn't have an exhorbitant price tag. The reach of Fossil's brand could help raise awareness of Google's Android Wear platform.

Fossil Q Founder.jpg

Over the past two months, Fossil has shared details of its Q Founder smartwatch, and this week, customers can buy one.

Starting on Friday, November 24, the Fossil Q Founder is available online and in select Fossil stores, with a starting price of $275.

The Q Founder is one of just a few Google Android wear watches powered by an underclocked Intel Atom processor. It's also one of the few that looks more like a traditional watch and less expensive than others with a similar design.

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Fossil is touting the Q Founder's cross platform support: It works with an Android 4.4 or better phone or an Apple iPhone 5 or newer handset running with a minimum iOS version of 8.2. Keep in mind that while Android Wear watches can work with iPhones, the functionality is limited compared to using an Android handset.

Typical of Android Wear watches, the Fossil Q Founder has a touchscreen for interactions. That round display sits in a steel case with leather accents and a variety of leather bands for customization.

Fossil has long been in the smartwatch game, even before the current generation of wearable devices hit. Back in 2004, the company partnered with Microsoft to create a series of connected watches using Microsoft's SPOT platform and FM radio waves to receive information.

Of course, there are a number of mobile device makers building Android Wear watches: Samsung, Huewei, LG, Motorola and others come to mind.

Fossil's brand may have more reach in the actual watch market however, and at this relatively low price, Google ought to be happy that a traditional watch maker is brining Android Wear to the masses.