Fossil readies Android Wear, Intel-powered smartwatch called Q Founder

Fashion watchmaker's array of connected accessories includes two smartwatches and two bands.

Fossil's Q Reveler, Q Grant, and Q Dreamer devices. Image: Fossil

Fossil has provided more details on what it is describing as its 'connected accessories' - two smartwatches and two bracelets.

The Q Founder is an Android Wear, Intel-powered smartwatch and is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. Fossil said it will be available "just in time for the holiday shopping season" and starts at $275.

So far smartwatches have been clunky creations which have generated limited interest from consumers; it's possible that the next wave of fashion-first devices will be able to create more excitement.

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This is certainly not Fossil's first attempt at building a smartwatch: the 2002 Fossil Wrist PDA came in Palm and Pocket PC versions (remember them) and packed a whopping 190KB memory that could store 1,100 contacts, 5,000 To Do items, 800 appointments, or 350 memos.

Fossil's other smartwatch, the Q Grant, looks like a fashion watch but also tracks fitness, and delivers alerts for emails, texts, phone calls, and app notifications. Key contacts can be assigned their own colour so that when they contact you, the watch will vibrate and display the colour. Colours appear on LED indicators located on either side of the watch. Q Grant will be available on October 25 and cost from $175 to $195.

Meanwhile the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer bands -- both of which handle fitness tracking and notifications -- go on sale on October 25 for $125.

All are compatible with Android 4.3 devices, and the iPhone 5 (running iOS 8.2 and higher) and above, and connect via Bluetooth 4.1. The companion Fossil Q app for iPhone and Android includes an activity tracker (which connects to Google Fit, Health, UP by Jawbone, and UA Record by Under Armour.)

It also takes notifications such as phone calls, emails, text messages, social media updates, and app alerts and filters them down to a manageable subset.

For more smartwatches of the past check out the gallery below: Before the Apple Watch: A history of smartwatches, in pictures.